What is Facebook Profits Blueprint?

Learn What Exactly Is Facebook Profits Blueprint & What Results You Can Expect

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Facebook Profits Blueprint Review is an online training program that provides a roadmap or method of daily operation to win friends and influence others on Facebook. In doing do, the purchaser generates leads for their MLM, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Small Business or Affiliate Marketing Business.

This targeted audience benefits from a program like this, because they often don’t have budgets for expensive lead programs that don’t convert or result in new sales or customers at a high enough rate to justify the cost. That is where Facebook Profits Blueprint Review comes into play as it promises to provide a “Super Effective and Fast Method that Generates Engaged and Connected Personal Daily Leads from Facebook for FREE.”

The training is comprised of four video tutorials with on screen demonstration. This is critical as it provides the purchaser with real time social proof of the promises outlined above. The other option would be screen shots and powerpoint slides. However, the authors of the program are all about showing rather than telling. This builds immense credibility in the eyes of this reviewer.

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There are also two bonus videos that provide tips for saving time and being focused in pursuit of the promised 25-50 free leads daily. The second bonus video provides a system to manage and categorize the leads for optimization, or providing a high touch and high tech method of building genuine relationships with leads. Also included is a 63 page course manual which includes yet another bonus. This bonus is actual scripts that arm the purchaser with confidence and control of the conversation allowing them to move to next exposure. In other words, this is not just getting friends for the sake of getting friends the ultimate goal is always in play – serve others others first.


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“Facebook Blueprint Profits Review” by Simple Freedom: Is it Legit or Is it A Scam?

Facebook Profits Blue Print Review

An Honest Review of Simple Freedom’s “Facebook Profits Review” –

Is it Legit or Is It A Scam?

This Video Review Gives You The Truth About Facebook Profits Blueprint

Are you looking for information on Simple Freedom’s Facebook Profit Blueprint online course? If so, in this blog we give you the truth and nothing but the truth about this online course aimed at those who work from home in network marketing, MLM and direct sales. 

This blog will cover every aspect of this training that you can think of:

What is Facebook Profits Blueprint Review?

Who is it For?

What will you learn?

What does it cost?

Why you may not want to buy the Facebook Profits Blueprint


You may be a risk taker and the kind of person that likes to form their own opinion. I completely understand that. So if that describes you, check out Facebook Profits Blueprint:


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